About Roy

Roy Christensen is a small business owner and decorated Army veteran that has been a long-standing community volunteer in Lincoln.

Roy was elected to an at-large seat on the Lincoln city council in 2013 and re-elected in 2017.

Roy is the owner of Christensen Audiology & Hearing Aid Center where he and his staff provide diagnostic and rehabilitative hearing services to Nebraskans of all ages. Christensen Audiology specializes in hearing aid services to seniors.

Roy earned his B.S. in speech pathology and audiology from Northern Arizona University and his M.S. in audiology from Idaho State University.

He served in the U.S. Army-Medical Services Corps, including tours of duty in Germany and the Medical Research Institute, Edgewood Institute, Maryland. He earned multiple commendations including the U.S. Army Commendation Award (2), U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal (2) and U.S. Army Expert First Medical Badge.

Roy and his wife Ramiel have seven children and thirteen grandchildren. Roy is member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Independent Business Association, Nebraska Hearing Society, Nebraska Speech/Language and Hearing Association, American Academy of Audiology and the International Hearing Society.